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Professional Presence: Projecting Confidence and Authority What Does it Mean to Have a Strong Professional Presence?

Professional Presence: Projecting Confidence and Authority - What does it mean to have a strong Professional Presence?  

JUNE 6, 2019


In the throes of our hyper-paced business environment, those who practice the skills of projecting the right image for the situation at hand will quickly and effectively position themselves for greater success.  In the spirit of what is expected and respected, Valerie Sokolosky will share her wisdom and experience in what it takes to project confidence and authority – knowing what to do, what to say, and how to present yourself as a leader.  What you will learn:

·      What your presence says about you

·      Image spoilers – research based information on career derailers

·      How to communicate at a level that demonstrates business sophistication and savvy

·      The power behind verbal and non-verbal communication

·      What is your differentiation – those things that make you stand out from the crowd

·      How to develop your leadership POV – your point of view that is your leadership philosophy

·      Tools to mix and mingle effectively at social events 

·      Ways and a plan to evolve your brand and expand your success 

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