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WIA's Publishing Webinar for Aspiring Authors

Is it your goal to write and publish a book one day? Join us for a complimentary program with one of our regular WIA Professional Development webinar presenters, Emily Barrosse, for a discussion of what you need to know to turn your manuscript into a published book. 

Emily Barrose, Founder and CEO, Bold Story Press

After a 33-year career in the publishing industry, Emily founded her own publishing house for women authors. For too many years women have faced too many obstacles from the publishing industry to publish their writing, and Emily is working to change that.

This program will share what you should know about publishing for those who want to someday publish their memoir, novel, and/or business book, and is a way for interested future authors to learn what they need to know in order to publish, whether it's with a traditional publisher, a hybrid publisher, or self-publishing. 


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