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  • A complete nomination package consists of the nomination form, a written explanation of the nominee’s qualifications relating to the award criteria, and the nominee’s biography.
  • A nominator may nominate more than one individual for an award, including the same award.
  • A nominator may nominate the same individual for more than one award.
  • The nominator and/or the nominee do not have to be members of WIA to submit a nomination or be considered for a WIA Award.


  • All women who have embodied and/or furthered WIA’s mission to advance and promote the place of women in aerospace careers, and have satisfied the criteria of the Lifetime Achievement Award may be nominated and considered for this prestigious award.
  • Individuals in any aerospace-related profession are eligible to win this award.
  • All nominations must identify as women.
  • Only individuals, and not teams, are eligible to win this award.
  • An individual may only win this award once.
  • An individual may only win one award per seven years.
  • Availability to attend the awards ceremony is not an eligibility requirement.

Judging of nominees

  • A selection committee of 40 to 70 individuals from the aerospace community will evaluate each nominee and cast a vote.
  • The selection committee will place special emphasis on the nominee’s contributions to advancing the position of women in aerospace.
  • Nominators should take care to make their packages comprehensive, as nominees will be evaluated strictly on the information provided by the nominator.
  • The selection committee can opt to not select a winner in a given award category if it determines there are no qualifying or deserving candidates.
  • Women in Aerospace’s Board of Directors reserves the right to review and, as appropriate, narrow the list of nominations submitted to the Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee to ensure each nomination’s eligibility, remove duplications, and ensure an efficient and timely process.