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The Art of Conversation

January 27, 2022

The Art of Conversation

Presenter: Susan Levin


Good conversation is at the heart of connecting to other people through networking, meetings, interviews, negotiations, and many other situations. Intentional and strategic conversation – both verbal and nonverbal - can guide you to be even more successful at work by building alliances, creating strong relationships with staff, bosses, and clients, succeeding at interviews, and motivating and inspiring others. The Art of Conversation session will demonstrate specific strategies for skillfully conversing with other people in a variety of ways. Often, conversations that need to be had are avoided because it can be uncomfortable. In this session, we’ll also cover how to raise and conduct a challenging conversation using a proven method for success. You’ll have a chance to practice this approach in a breakout room activity. Conversation costs nothing so come and explore how to enrich your interactions at work and at home.

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