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Changing the Story Thriving at Work in a Male-Dominated Field

March 3, 2022

Changing the Story – Thriving at Work in a Male-Dominated Field

Presenter: Julie Salganik


Those who identify as women often struggle to find their voice, advocate for themselves effectively, and mentor others in more traditional industries and work environments. This pattern can be magnified for people of color, who are differently abled, identify as LGBTQIA, or are somehow unlike the dominant group at work. And yet despite plenty of evidence that those outside the dominant group are paid less, face hurdles (and sometimes barriers) in career progression, carry a disproportionate share of the work, and psychological stress experience and discrimination, more and more of us have come to thrive in these environments.


What separates those who thrive from those who continue to struggle (or give up entirely)? A lot of it comes down to the stories we tell – to others and to ourselves. By learning to replace the narrative that is holding us back and, while we may not be able to change the environment, we can change how we engage in it. This workshop will explore ways to frame and reframe both the internal narrative – the stories we tell ourselves and what others think and do and what’s possible for us – and what it takes to effectively advocate for ourselves, set boundaries, and make our various contributions more visible.

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