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WIA Stories with NASA's Women Center Directors

Join us on September 14 for WIA Stories with NASA's Women Center Directors
Featuring Panelists:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
John F. Kennedy Space Center
Marshall Space Flight Center
Johnson Space Center
Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
1:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
These esteemed women leaders will share the story of their personal journeys to success. This off-the-record conversation promises to be filled with helpful advice paired with fantastic stories depicting how each of these incredible women made their mark. 
*Correction from July 26th promotional release: There are 4 NASA Centers led by women as the industry continues to see a large number of women rise to leadership positions.  WIA respectfully corrects the prior promotion sharing this is the first time in history. 
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Women in Aerospace (WIA) is dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community. Our membership ­ women and men ­ shares an interest in a broad spectrum of aerospace issues, including human space flight, aviation, remote sensing, satellite communications, robotic space exploration, and the policy issues surrounding these fields. For more information visit:
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