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Fourth Annual WIA Golf Tournament Fields Most Teams Ever!

The fourth annual WIA Golf Tournament fielded 24 teams and 90 players — the highest ever! Play took about five hours on the South Course, under increasingly sunny skies. The beverage carts were busy!

The winners were:

Closest to Hole:
Female: Amy Rasmussen
Male: Joe Guzzo

Longest Drive:
Female: Susan Laver
Male: Eric Stallmer

1st Place Team: NASA
Score: 60
Robert Lightfoot
Scott Chandler
Larry Gagliano
Gary Gauckler

The 2nd place golf team was our 1st place team from last year!
US Air Force

Score: 61
Carol Welsch
Russ Welsch
Rich Dau
Melody Johnson

A Special Thank You to Our 2004 Golf Tournament Volunteers

Karen Rugg, Karlynne Communications

Mary Bruno, Ball Aerospace
Sarah Ramsey, NASA Headquarters
Michelle Robbins, Lockheed Martin
Donna Whitlock, Lockheed Martin
Suzanne Voegele, Challenger Center

Lyn Cywanowicz, NASA Headquarters
Lynn Heninger, ATK

Eileen McGowan, Futron
Amy Kehs

Women in Aerospace thanks:
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
Analytical Graphics (AGI)
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
The Boeing Company
Digital Globe
DFI International
Dynamac Corporation
Honeywell Aerospace
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Northrop Grumman
Office of Science & Technology Policy
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Pratt & Whitney
Spectrum Astro
Stratos Global
United States Air Force
United Space Alliance
United Technologies Company
Washington Golf Centers, Arlington

First Place Winning Team

Winning Team, NASA, Robert Lightfoot, Captain

Second Place Winning Team

Second Place Team, US Air Force, Carol Welsch, Captain

Aerojet/GenCorp Team, Meghan Allen, Captain

AGI Team, Eric Stallmer, Captain

AIAA Team 1, Mike Beavin, Captain

AIAA Team 2, Bob Ogburn, Captain

ATK Team 1, Lynn Heninger, Captain

ATK Team 2, Erin Hatch Neal, Captain

Digital Globe Team, Dawn Sienicki, Captain

Ball Aerospace Team, Carol Lane, Captain

Honeywell Team, Dr. Deborah Barnhart, Captain

Boeing Team, Donald Groff, Captain

OSTP Team, Kathie L. Olsen, Captain

Northrup Grumman Team, Maureen Kelly, Captain

Lockheed Martin Team 1, Michelle Robbins, Captain

Lockheed Martin Team 2, Bob Coats, Captain

Lockheed Martin Team 3, David Brandt, Captain

Lockheed Martin Team 4, Bob Coats, Captain

United Technologies Team, Darby Becker, Captain

DFI Team, Tim Garnett, Captain

Spectrum ASTRO Team, Jim Rohacik, Captain

USA Team 1, Kate Kronmiller, Captain

USA Team 2, Mike Brokovich, Captain

USA Team 3, Mike Kostelnik, Captain

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