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In the spirit of the 2nd Part of WIA’s upcoming “Race and Gender Equity Program”, we are highlighting the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts of our 4 Premier Partners. Today we are highlighting Aviation Week Network.
Aviation Week Network’s Black Lives Matter Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council examines and discusses issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, internal and external diversity, and discrimination. With the full support of Greg Hamilton, vice president and Market Leader of Informa Markets - Aviation Week Network, this council analyzes issues faced by people of color and others facing adversity, such as the LGBTQ community. What does discrimination mean, how do we recognize it and what role can we play in rectifying it?
Spearheaded by Donna Thomas, the Council’s chairperson, the team meets monthly to create and implement new initiatives around diversity, discrimination, equity, and inclusion. We want to ensure that these topics are explored in a way that promotes self-awareness, competence, and consciousness to establish cross-cultural relationships within Aviation Week Network and Informa and the communities we serve.
The Council focuses on four key areas:
  • Communications Committee – The objective is to create awareness and encourage individual actions via newsletters, blogs, Portal page engagement and, social media.
  • Education and Employment Committee – Build a more diverse pipeline to employment and exposure at AWN, Informa, and the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industry through internships and other types of outreach.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration Committee – Through outreach develop partnerships and collaboration with educational institutions, associations, and companies.
  • Content Committee – To organically produce content across the Aviation Week Network that will call attention to BLM and Diversity across our industries.
Some of the goals executed include a first-ever Diversity Townhall, a monthly newsletter distributed to all AWN employees, a Portal page, which is a one-stop-shop for employees to educate themselves on diversity and inclusion, and weekly blogs designed to encourage input and participation among Informa colleagues across the globe.
All four groups have crafted and initiated a multifaceted set of unique goals with one clear mission: To make Aviation Week Network, and by extension Informa, a more diverse and inclusive workplace through education and training, recruitment, and engagement with schools, organizations, and the aerospace community.
To learn more about the 2nd Part of WIA’s Race and Gender Equity Program to be held, virtually, on February 9th, click here.
Thank you to all of our 2022 Race and Gender Equity Partners!
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