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WIA Chair Report
Bridget L. Chatman
Chair, Women in Aerospace

Dear WIA Members,


Today marks a monumental milestone for Women In Aerospace as our partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, AIAA, Club for the Future, and Space Foundation, has played a pivotal role in the development of a groundbreaking initiative: Space4All.


This initiative, as outlined in the recently released White House Fact Sheet, represents a significant stride towards strengthening U.S. space collaboration and enhancing public engagement. Space4All is the result of a Private-Public-Partnership involving 14 government entities and over 150 companies, aimed at inspiring, preparing, and employing a diverse, inclusive Space STEM workforce.


Over the next five years, Space4All will embark on an extensive awareness campaign, aiming to illuminate the importance of broad participation in the space enterprise and the profound opportunities it presents for individuals from all walks of life. Through this initiative, we will emphasize the critical role that everyone can play in shaping the future of space exploration, as well as the pathways to success in STEM-related education and careers.


As members of Women in Aerospace, we understand the transformative power of diversity and inclusion within our industry. Our involvement in Space4All underscores our commitment to fostering a space community that is accessible and inclusive to all, regardless of gender, background, or expertise.


I am immensely proud of the pivotal role that WIA has played in the development of Space4All, and I am confident that this initiative will inspire countless individuals to engage with and contribute to the remarkable journey of space exploration.


I encourage each of you to explore the opportunities that Space4All will present and to continue championing diversity and inclusion within our field.


Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to Women in Aerospace. Together, let us continue to celebrate our nations efforts on the Moon as well as aspirations for Mars, inclusive of everyone!


Kind regards,

Bridget Chatman (she/her/hers)

Chair, Women in Aerospace

#WIA #Space4All

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