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WIA Chair Report

Bridget L. Chatman

Chair, Women in Aerospace

Dear WIA Members,


The first half of 2024 has proven to be quite an active one for Women in Aerospace and I’m excited to share all that we’ve accomplished so far. 


We are excited that we can now officially share the public website for Space4All ( This is a significant milestone for the unprecedented STEM space awareness initiative with WIA in a prominent role, aimed primarily at closing the forecasted STEM workforce gap by promoting inclusivity and diversity across the nation, consistent with our current programs and mission. This Public-Private Partnership, led by the Department of Education, WIA, AIAA, Club for the Future and Space Foundation, brings together 14 government entities and more than 150+ partners to inspire more students to enter STEM, leverage many existing afterschool programs and science centers to additionally prepare and encourage our industry to accelerate how we employ a diverse, inclusive Space STEM workforce under one umbrella campaign. You can read more about this initiative with the recently published fact sheet from the White House and the press release.


To support this initiative, we invite you to use the hashtag #Space4All on your social media platforms whenever you discuss space efforts that align with the campaign’s spirit of inspiration, preparation, employment, diversity, inclusion and STEM. By using this common hashtag across our channels, we will begin to create a common message and amplify the impact together.

I am also pleased to highlight the resounding success of the 1st Part of WIA’s Breakfast Club: Maintaining our Edge: What's Next in Space, which took place in January. Ball Aerospace (now BAE Systems) hosted this event to a full room of WIA Members, where we got to hear from House Professional Staffers on the subject.

(pictured left to right) USSF's Rachel McNeal and U.S. House Committee on Armed Services Professional Staff Members, Maria Vastola and Whiteny Verett

The Honorable Frank Calvelli (above)

Hon Calvelli speaks to WIA's audience at

The National Union Building (below)

 Additionally, WIA’s Program with The Honorable Frank Calvelli on June 11th, hosted by ARKA Group, provided attendees with valuable insights into the Space Acquisition Tenets and Formula, as well as expectations for space acquisition professionals. I want to express my gratitude to our hosts and sponsors for their valuable contributions to this event.

Our Career Empowerment Webinar series has been thriving, with three of the six webinars offered this year already completed. These webinars cover a range of valuable topics, grouped into modules for maximum learning. We have three exciting webinars left in 2024 as part of our second module: Navigating Challenging Conversations. Please join us for "Equip Yourself to Engage in Challenging Conversations," scheduled for July 25th, "Strategic Ways to Manage Up," scheduled for September 26th, and "Complexity of Conflict and Change - Lessons From Neuroscience," scheduled for November 7th.


We have also hosted informal networking events in Colorado and Washington DC. We will be expanding these in other key markets soon.


Looking ahead, we have a busy summer and fall season with several exciting programs and events in the works: 


  • Combatting Stereotypes and Bias - Breaking Through the Aerospace Ceiling with Registered Apprenticeships - Apprenti is the nation’s first registered tech apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor. With the aerospace workforce making up only 13.4% of women, increasing opportunities for middle skills and leadership roles for women and women of color in the industry through apprenticeships is critical. Discover how apprenticeships will increase opportunities for women from all realms of life to gain access into leading aerospace companies like: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Boeing, General Dynamics and Raytheon, among many others.
  • 2nd Part of WIA’s Breakfast Club: Maintaining our Edge: What's Next in Space - Our Breakfast Club events will continue to bring together professionals from various disciplines within the aerospace field for a round table discussion featuring thought-provoking discourse and responses from select Congressional Committees. In the fall, we will hear from the Senate Professional Staffers.
  • Leaders of Influence Program Series – This virtual series is intended to bring together influential figures in the aerospace sector to share their expertise, inspire future leaders, and foster a deeper understanding of the industry’s evolving landscape.
  • WIA's Equity Program - Promoting equity and inclusivity within the aerospace industry remains a top priority for WIA. Our Equity Programs aim to provide resources, support, and opportunities to underrepresented groups, fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • WIA's 39th Annual Awards Dinner & Ceremony - Mark your calendars for October 10, 2024, as we celebrate our 39th Annual Awards Dinner & Ceremony. This prestigious event will honor the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations within the aerospace community. Nominations for WIA's 2024 Awards are currently open until June 24th, so please take this opportunity to recognize deserving candidates by visiting this link.

I encourage all of you to register for our upcoming programs and events as they become available, as seats fill up quickly. Additionally, if you or your organization are interested in registering or sponsoring this year's Awards Dinner, please reach out promptly to secure your participation.


Finally, WIA continues to be an incredibly active presence on social media. If you are not following us yet, please connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Twitter), using the links below. We’d love to have you involved!


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your continued support, dedication, and active participation in the WIA community. Together, we are making a significant impact, and I look forward to the continued success of Women in Aerospace throughout the remainder of the year.


Thank you.

Kind regards,

Bridget Chatman (she/her/hers)

Chair, Women in Aerospace

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